Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Funny thing is, I don't really like pirates all that much. I was listening to a lot of 3 Inches of Blood and making fun of the Johhny Depp movies and decided I wanted to do this.

Also I recently have decided that I'm a terrible person to have working at a music store, because I tell people to pirate their albums and just send money to the band. Apparently bands only make like a buck when someone buys their album at a place like, oh I dunno, HMV or something. now THATS piracy.




T.J. Bragg said...

Ben. I love you!

I still feel that you're line work and structure needs work.

But man, from Fundies to now. You have developed a fantastic cinematic eye.

And the colors are absolutely fantastic! Great scheme.

Tim said...

wow, Ben, that's awesome! I love the color choices, they're terrific. The look of the ship going into the green fog is great.