Sunday, November 1, 2009

Practice Round

Recently, I've been quite inspired by my college pals and their work, so I've been sketchin' in Photoshop a lot. here's a quick round of sketches!



T.J. Bragg said...

These are definitely cool man. I'm especially fond of the first one, it has some tight atmosphere to it.

The others are fun too, but I think could be pushed just a bit further.

Why dont you try flattening them in photoshop, turning down the opacity and making a new layer so you can draw over them and refine them even more?

That's exactly what guys like Justin Lee always tell me and it usually works for the best!

Curtis Rioux said...

great stuff man.

Like TJ mentioned - I would definatly like to see some of these taken further into some nice refined images.

I like how your blogs looking, nice new header bannar! Keep the sketches coming :)

Benjamin said...

gee whiz guys, they're just little sketches! its like what you always said in college...
"add some more shading to the foreground element."

haha thanks guys!

workin' on some more!


Katrina said...

Excellent work Ben, I like them!