Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fruity Radness

^_^ Here we go again! lately I haven't been posting too furiously because all I seem to do is work and sleep these days... but this time I have just a fun little doodle I made for my friend TJ Bragg. Inspiring artist, hard workin' man, and fellow shasta beast, I recommend you check out his stuff, at http://wakemusicalarm.blogspot.com/ . ... so yeah just have some fun. enjoy.


Holly Yerkie said...

Awe, all the sparkley happiness is inspirational. ^^ Super cute!

Laura Blackbeard said...

haha thats way too cute! I can totally tell thats TJ too

Thomas Collin said...

I love the groovy, PSone-y choice of colours.

Needs more damned polygons though.